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March 15, 2013

Top Five Guided Tour Destinations In Europe

We spend a lot of time thinking. Sometimes, when it’s time for vacation, we would prefer to do approximately no thinking whatsoever. We want to be physically active while allowing our minds to rest. This desire is what makes guided tours an extremely popular activity. You allow someone else to worry about the logistics, and you just get to enjoy the experience. Guided tours can facilitate lighter physical activities, like sightseeing, to mid-range activities, like hiking, to extreme activities, like rock climbing. Regardless of your vacation aspirations, taking one of these tours will allow you to move those cramped limbs while resting you overworked mind.

Europe is a fantastic destination with an extensive range of tour options. We’ll cover the top five to get you started!

5) London
There’s just something about a city with 2,000 years of history. The capital of the world’s last global empire, London today, in addition to be an eclectic venue for a variety of modern cultures, is a veritable treasure chest of history. Almost anywhere visit in this remarkable city will offer you a tantalizing glimpse of both old and new, ancient and modern, and often contrasted right beside each other. Hire a tour guide or jump onto one of a number of guided city tours to ensure you see the best that London has to offer.

4) The Way of St. James
The most famous pilgrimage route in all of Europe, The Way of St. James is also the most popular guided tour in Spain. The route runs for over 500 miles, and offers an unmatched view the Iberian countryside. Travelers are in for a unique social and spiritual experience, an experience typically described as the highlight feature of the journey. In addition to witnessing the beauty of the Galician mountains, tourists will have the pleasure of seeing a number of Spain’s 2,500 medieval castles. The Way of St. James sees almost 300,000 travelers a year, so there is no shortage of guided tour companies to choose from when planning your trip to Spain.

3) Vienna
The historic city of Vienna was coveted location of medieval royalty as well as an axis point in post-Renaissance Europe for centuries. Guided tours of ancient architectural wonders are a dime a dozen in this dazzling city. Additionally, a legacy of music and art has been passed down through generation of world famous artists, including Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Strauss, and Gustav Klimt. Visitors to Vienna will find a unique atmosphere here that is more easily appreciated than explained.

2) Rome
Rome. Very little needs to be said in explanation for why the city of Rome is a top guided tour destination. The capital of a 5,000 year empire needs no introduction. The city of Rome is no less spectacular today than it was so very many years ago. While the power may not rest here like it once did, the royalty and majesty are certainly still woven into the very fabric of this destination. Rome could never be fully experienced in one trip, so be prepared to prioritize.

1) Paris
It’s almost embarrassing how much the “City of Light” has to offer. From guided tours of the Notre Dame Cathedral to the Eiffel Tower to the Louvre to the… this list would literally never stop. Paris is spoken of by those who have been almost as if the place is magical. While there are plenty of facts and figures that can be used to justify Paris’ place atop this list as the best destination in Europe, the real draw of this magical city cannot be described in mere words. Come and visit, you’ll see what we’re talking about.

And there you have it. Pace yourselves. It’s better to fully experience any one of these fantastic guided tour destinations than to simply pass through all of them in an effort to take one massive trip. Savor the flavor and enjoy the details!

Tiffany Olson loves to travel through Redding, read, write and take cat naps in the afternoon sunshine. By day she works as Communications Manager at a small web company. Her job is to educate folks on a wide variety of fun topics including guided tours in Spain. Fun, right?!

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