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June 28, 2012

The Benefits of a Redding Vacation Rental Over a Hotel

Weigh out the Benefits of a Bed & Breakfast Vacation Rental

There are countless reasons to stay at a Redding vacation rental over a hotel room, but many people choose to stay at Redding vacation rentals, like an antique style B&B, due to the low costs, high levels of privacy and security, and the added feelings of comfort and “home-away-from-home” environment that a hotel cannot provide. Redding vacation rentals are great options for all travelers, but are especially economical for people traveling in large groups or for extended stays.

1. At a Redding vacation rental, visitors can enjoy living like the locals in an authentic way without sacrificing luxury or comfort. Luxury accommodations like apartments with private pools or hot tubs with exclusive access are available, and throughout all of the facilities, the high levels of privacy are incomparable to that of a hotel. At a Redding vacation rental, visitors truly feel at home while on vacation.

2. Travelers can trust that although they will be saving money on a Redding vacation rental, they will not be sacrificing value. Redding vacation rentals pride themselves on their standards of cleanliness, service, and their commitment to the customer. Because Redding vacation rentals are smaller scale operations than many chain hotels, you can trust that you will receive a higher level of service and attention than you would when staying at a hotel.

3. When traveling in a large group, staying at a bed & breakfast is an especially great way to save on money. Unlike in a hotel, a Redding vacation rental charged a flat fee for the entire room regardless of the number of occupants. So you can get more bang for your buck by choosing to stay in a Redding vacation rental over booking in multiple rooms at a hotel.

4. In a Redding vacation rental, visitors can cook in the full kitchen provided in their room, adding to the at-home experience while also saving visitors money on dining out. Especially during long-term stays, having the option to stay in some nights and cook or cozy up in the room is a great option, and it really does make the difference from a cold and impersonal hotel room.

5. Although Redding vacation rentals are great for short-term or long-term stays, they are especially good for travelers who need an extended period of time. A Redding vacation rental is a great alternative to a hotel rooms for long-term stay visitors because it gives the comfort and privacy of home at a low cost. Visitors who settle in for long visits feel right at home without having to worry about the daily hassle of running a home.

6. With a wide variety of accommodation options to choose from, a Redding vacation rental offers something for every guest. From the most high-end accommodations to the most budget-friendly stays, a Redding vacation rental is a great alternative to a hotel. With so many choices of size, space, and locations to choose from, there is no reason to waste money or skimp on comfort when you could be staying in a Redding vacation rental on your next trip!

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