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September 20, 2012

A Weekend Away in a Bed and Breakfast

We all lead very busy lives, sometimes it is hard to get time to yourself or spend time with your loved ones but if you have the chance to take a time-out, go for it!

Having a break from your usual daily routine is always a breath of fresh air and can really revitalize how you feel. I personally take the time out with the wife and get her away for a romantic stay in a rustic bed and breakfast. There’s nothing quite like taking a couple of days or more for a holiday during the summer months to relieve stress.

The nice thing about bed and breakfast stays is that they feel so homely and warm, less clinical than your average hotel/motel. There are a wide range of places to stay that can offer lovely homely atmospheres all over the world.

The history of B&B’s is a rich one, they began as private residences that used to cater for all kinds of travelers and pioneers. On a long journey a person could stop for the night and have a energy rich breakfast ready for the road ahead. Coming into the early 1900’s B&B’s were looked at as budget accommodation for people who were traveling though under developed areas. But as time went on the B&B became a very popular tourist stay.

The ideal B&B to stay at would definitely be one with a history, modern builds just don’t quite have the same feel as the older buildings but that could just be a matter of opinion. Some modern B&Bs are fantastic, just different.

There are many places that will allow you to do activities, some for instance like The Desmond House, have a Spa and massage therapy. Most places will also provide a list of local things to do, this can be great if you’re staying for a week or so, it will help you to organize your day trips.

I’ve been to B&B’s all over the world, through Europe and the US and I’m certain that you will find a good one, whether your on holiday, or even close to home. I currently live in the UK and this is an accommodation in Somersetwhere I work. Why don’t you try finding bed and breakfasts in your area? maybe you will find your favorite.

About The Author
loves to travel and write, he has trekked around many countries down in a lovely sea-side town in the UK working for the Carew Arms.

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